5 June 2016


If you are from a rural area in Northern Ireland, aged 16- 30 years old and considering starting your own business- or already in business and want support- then RYE Connect could be the Programme for you.

The programme offers:

Hothouse training A new set of training programmes designed for businesses at different stages. Including face to face workshops and online material.

Pre Start

Pre-start business training and online support. Takes any young person with little or no previous business knowledge through what it takes to start a business, and helps to build confidence and a winning idea.


Start phase training and online support. Helps a young person learn how to get their business idea off the ground. Business recources, profiles and fact sheets made available. Insights from experienced business people helps to avoid pitfalls.


Growth phase training and online support. Helps young entrepreneurs already running a business explore opportunities for growth. Helps taking the first steps towards trading outside home country.


Reboot zone. A support path for a struggling business. Promotes greater understanding of current situation and allows the young entrepreneur to plan a course of corrective action.

Investor Network

Young entrepreneurs will be able to pitch their business idea to a network of investors through an online business portal. Find support and make the right moves to be investor ready, and find greater markets.

Business portal  (Official Launch at the RYE Connect Associate Conference in Greenland, June 2016)

The enterprise support platform is a set of cloud based business support tools and services made available from anyplace and anytime.

The project is led by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Advantage and The Rural Development Council in Northern Ireland and Greenland Business. RYE Connect is funded by the Northern Periphery and Artic Programme through the European Regional Development Fund and supported by the DARD Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation Programme.

For further information please visit the website:

Or telephone RDC directly on 028 8676 6980