August 20th, 2018

Project Promoter: Toomebridge Industrial Development Amenities and Leisure (TIDAL) Ltd

Grant Awarded: £75,000

Grant Aided Items: Internal works and extension to Toome House

Toomebridge Industrial Development Amenities and Leisure (TIDAL) is the hive of Toomebridge used by various divisions of the community from ‘Mums and Tots’ to the local ‘Luncheon Group’.  It also provides the community with valuable services such as dental and health care as well as offering workshops of severe issues like mental wellbeing and drug awareness.

Funding was awarded to TIDAL to allow them to continually support the community by extending the premises and providing even more services for the community such as improved community rooms, upgrading the kitchen facilities & allowing space for an additional dental surgery.


Toome House, 55 Main Street, Toomebridge, Co Antrim, BT41 3TF