Ballynure Outdoor Gym

August 17th, 2018

Project Promoter: Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council on behalf of Ballynure Village

Grant Awarded: £21,704.25

Grant Aided Items: Installation of an Outdoor Gym for use by all residents of and visitors to Ballynure Village



The village of Ballynure is situated approximately 3 miles north east of Ballyclare, 15 miles north of Belfast and is located at the junction of a number of historic routes, adjacent to a post medieval church ruin. Ballynure has a rich legacy of industrial heritage including early 19thCentury corn and cotton mills.  The present settlement owes much to the past industrial activity in this area.  Over time the village has developed into a commuter settlement given its strategic location close to the main travel route to and from Belfast.

Ballynure is an attractive area to live enhanced by two active community groups who work closely with Antrim and Newtownabbey Council and other relevant bodies to improve facilities and opportunities within the village for residents. Through this close working relationship, they produced a recent update to their original 2012 Village Development Plan, and have identified a number of further opportunities for improvements which will build upon successful projects delivered over recent years.

One such project identified in the new Village Development Plan was the installation of an ‘Outdoor Gym’ to provide opportunities for increased outdoor activity and exercise resulting in an improvement in health and well-being for all residents of and visitors to the village.  The provision of this equipment fills a current service gap as there is currently no gym within the immediate area, and is viewed as a physical improvement for the village with numerous added health, social and cohesion benefits.


Project Address:

War Memorial Park, Ballyclare Road, Ballynure, Co Antrim, BT39 9UE